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Barbat, 58 ani, Necasatorit

Any approach made to contact a human being implies seriousness, but seriousness is not
involved in the definition of existence; love is, since it conveys a notion of risk, of
gratuitous disaster, whereas what is serious postulates a goal. Now the great originality
of existence is to have nothing to do with such a thing.
Between Bachus and Dyonisos...
It is the most you can say at the beginning. Any start has a sort of “Hello” from which
you develop a path. Mine contains an explicit preference for women in any given type of
relationship. If I prefer women to men, it is because women have the advantage of being
more off balance, hence more complex, more perspicacious, and more cynical - not to
mention that mysterious superiority conferred by their inner beauty: woman is the epitome
of life... and I am looking for one...

Cauta Femeie pentru Sex, Prietenie, Distractie, Casatorie, Relatie serioasa cu varsta intre 30 si 50 ani

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    Data Nasterii: 3-Feb
    Stare Civila: Necasatorit
    Alcool: Da
    Fumator: Da
    Mancare: Orice
    Ocupatie: Domeniu Tehnic
    Studii: Doctorat / Master
    Culoare ochi: Caprui
    Culoare par: Grizonat
    Constitutie: Asa si asa
    Inaltime: Peste 190 cm
    Hobby: Arta
    Literatura / Istorie
    Calculatoare / Internet
    Limbi: Engleza (Fluent)
    Franceza (Fluent)
    Italiana (Binisor)

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